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Get To Know Me

Hi. It’s an honor to have you here.
My name is Ronan , and this is my story.
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I’d love to tell you a beautiful story about how
fitness came into my life.
But the truth is, it started from a place of
desperation, not inspiration.

Growing up, I was never into sports and engaging with my body didn’t have a good taste. I heard jokes all the time for how short, skinny, and weak I was. 

At first, my pursuit of fitness was motivated by superficial needs – I didn’t like the way people related to me because of the way I looked and was not ready to deal with that. So I decided to change my body.

I started training when I was 18, without really knowing what I was doing. 

For the most part, my body just didn’t seem to respond to training like everybody else. Was it the same for you?

Not only was it really hard to become stronger, I also had chronic constipation, bloating, a bunch of food sensitivities, and was prone to get skinny fat.

But the physical strength I lacked was compensated
by the superb mental strength. I developed

I trained more than my friends at university. Twice a day for months sometimes. I was the only guy taking my food in a tupperware to the campus. I didn’t drink a sip of alcohol. I removed all types of fun foods from my diet. And yet, it looked like everybody else was making half of my effort and getting double the results.

There’s a term in scientific research called non-responder . In fitness, these would be research participants whose bodies just don’t seem to adapt to a training stimulus like the average people in a study.

For years, I thought this was what I was bound to.

But although I was not the sports kid, I was an excellent student.

So I used my strength.

If I got little from mirroring what everybody else was doing, then I knew there must be a different approach that would work for me. I started studying science and running year-long experiments with different types of training.

The result was unexpected. The process of trying so many methods taught me how to listen for the answer from my own body.

Through years of dedication, listening and experimentation, not only did I succeed in transforming my body – but I even started winning athletic competitions (including 1st place out of 11,000+ participants at Viper Challenge Asia) and speaking on global stages.

This was my mindset to build strength, to burn fat, to improve my digestion, to increase my energy, and to do everything else that my body before seemed to be stuck that led me into creating my own coaching methodology, Beyond Body.

After 26, the pursuit of fitness was no longer me trying to change a body I didn’t accept. It was about me studying, exploring, and appreciating the uniqueness of my own body.

I was no longer attached to that physical appearance goal. I was hooked on learning more and witnessing my whole life getting better, including career, relationships, spirituality, and finances, as I developed a body that could fully express its own unique qualities that propelled me forward.

Today, all the early struggles make sense.

I was not born with the body of the athlete, that responds well to training and can perform at the highest level.

I was born with the body of the teacher.

I needed to learn so much to solve the challenges my own body had that it got easy to help other people with a variety of methods I had tested and developed.

And it all became much more meaningful to me when my own father had a health crisis and almost passed away in 2019 due to being overweight and having chronic body inflammation. When he told me he wanted to change and take care of his body, I knew how to help him do that. In 3 months, he lost 14Kg and went from barely being able to move to starting riding his bicycle.

This fueled the fire to share what I know with more people.

Today I certify holistic health coaches around the world, I have developed top-selling online programs, several of those with Mindvalley, I speak at international stages, and I can help my friends and family…

The path I learned to develop the body is a paradigm shift of integrating body and mind in one. It’s a conscious dynamic of listening to the body, fulfilling what it needs and then guiding it where you want, while respecting its boundaries.

If you’re open to trying a non-traditional approach to discover the best version of your own body, feel your own power, and be proud of it, then I can guide you.
What People Say About Me
“I was struggling to find the time to workout and even when I did the results”

I was struggling to find the time to workout and even when I did the results were late to come, I was tired, with no particular goal and minor energy. I learned a lot from Ronan about nutrition, sleep (although I have a Ph.D. in biochemistry).

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Aviram Trachtenberg

Beersheba, Israel

“Before this program I was very worried about losing strength”

Before this program I was very worried about losing strength especially since I am getting older and over 50 years old. Now I feel stronger and determined to achieve even more strength as I get older. […] Looking after my body has given me a greater resiliency and determined attitude to tackling life’s challenges.

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Veronica Strangio

Templestowe Lower, Australia

“The challenges I have overcome include weight loss (20 pounds)”

The challenges I have overcome include weight loss (20 pounds) due to understanding my body in a new way especially the endocrine system. It was a great overview of our physical system with a deep dive into specific easy to understand information.

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Karen Stanton

Burlington, Canada

“I always considered myself fit and slim. After all”

I always considered myself fit and slim. After all, I have been an active gym member for 20 years! Most of these years my fitness regiment would consist, however, of excessive cardio training.
I would step on the elliptical trainer for 1 hour a day.

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Monique Schuldt

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

“I have always wanted a thinner body and thought this would help”

I have always wanted a thinner body and thought this would help me get that. What I learned is a new respect for my strong, healthy body. The numbers only changed little, but my pride and admiration for this body that I have been living in for 65 yrs has grown tremendously!

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Liliana Garcia

Certified Nurse Midwife/ Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner
Napa, United States

“Before the program I was a kind of fragile person not able”

Before the program I was a kind of fragile person not able to give priority to myself and opinions. Trying to fit in a Job that was harming me than providing any kind of feed, nor satisfaction. I learnt so much about who I really am, what I am able to do, how deep can be the connection with my body.

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Yaoundé, Cameroon

“I lost the last 5 lbs that I thought were with me forever”

Before the program I felt like there were issues like belly fat and fatigue that I just had to consider were here for good and must be a result of age. Then I met Ronan. I was curious and although i had two vacations in the next 30 days I took on the challenge of this amazing class.

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Mary T. Odgers

Solana Beach, United State

“Ronan’s Advanced Home Workouts were perfect for me and really allowed me to make use of the limited equipment I had at home”

My job consists of sitting at a desk all day and I’ve always known of the importance of doing purposeful exercise every day but have always struggled to keep to a regular workout routine.
After completing ‘The Longevity Blueprint’, I was looking for something that would push me a bit more whilst working from home.

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Christopher Ross

IT Manager
Birmingham, United Kingdom

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