The Holistic Mind-Body
Process To Permanent
and Conscious Body Transformation.

The Holistic Mind-Body
Process To Permanent
and Conscious Body Transformation.

The Holistic Mind-Body
Process To Permanent
and Conscious Body Transformation.

Can you experience the energy of the young with the groundedness of the wise at the same time? Get started now with my 7-min Peaceful Warrior morning ritual to greatly boost your energy, balance your mind, and raise your state of being.

Hi, I'm

Ronan Diego

I help health coaches, athletes, and health enthusiasts to feel happy and fulfilled about their own bodies and fully express its unique qualities.
The process is a lot about unlearning things.
Today, health and fitness are misunderstood. They’re usually portrayed through its aesthetic aspect and the industry is excellent in triggering your feeling of not being enough if you’re not chasing that unrealistic physique goal that, deep inside, you never really wanted
But health is about how your body FEELS according to its life stage and fitness is about what challenges it can OVERCOME and readily recover from.
A body that is truly healthy and fit needs a mind that is free from societal brainwashing and grounded on the individual’s own truth.
When that happens, you are able to give your body back its sovereignty. In turn, the body becomes free to give you the full expression of its unique gifts. That’s when you discover your full power.
This transformation goes way beyond nutrition and exercise only. It naturally asks for a holistic, mind-body approach, where physiology, psychology, and meaning meet to allow your full potential to be expressed.
My mission is to help you discover the best version of your own body, feel your own power, and be proud of it.
And if you’d like to know how I got here and why I do what I do…

Beyond Body Transformation

Beyond Body is a 3-month online group mentoring program limited to 12 people that teaches you all the mind-body tools and skills you need for your permanent and conscious body transformation – from training routines and nutrition frameworks to your way of thinking, behaviors, and especially your sense of identity.
Beyond Body is not a typical health & fitness program. It’s a radical reprogramming of your mindset, and actions as your body’s inhabitant. It is for those with the courage to transform who they are inside (first) and out.
Placements are limited and subject to an application process.

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There’s little I love more and do better than getting in front of an eager audience and challenging what they know about holistic body transformation, longevity, and the behavioral science behind it.

Whether it’s at global stages, virtual summits, or podcasts, my audiences describe my talks and seminars as “groundbreaking, eye-opening, and deep” at the same time as “inspiring, fun, and energetic”.

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