BB Webinar LP - RonanDiego

Join Mindvalley’s Head of Health & Fitness,
Ronan Diego for a free LIVE workshop

Access your Body’s Ancient Wisdom to Create an Inspiring Vision for your Health and Fitness.

Create a vision for your body that is aligned with your highest purpose and makes consistency easy to achieve

Live Workshop​

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90 Min

Live Workshop

29 September 2022


9:00 am (PST)


What to expect

  1. Learn the difference between health and fitness goals and the main hidden reason why it is so hard to achieve them
  2. Gain clarity about the mental blockages that hold you back from being consistent with your health and fitness goals
  3. Experience the Inner-Wisdom Meditation® to create your Story Vision®, an inspiring and compelling vision for your health and fitness that makes it easy to develop consistency and achieve your goals
  4. Learn the 7 Lifestyle Principles of the Peaceful Warrior for bringing back vitality to your body and experience your peak state at any age

By the end of this webinar, you will walk away with clarity of what your body wants and needs to be at its best form and set next steps to finally achieve your health and fitness goals.

Ready to Create a Powerful Vision for your Health and Fitness that Pulls You Forward?

Live Workshop

 The registration for this workshop is closed

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