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The Tao of The Radiant Body Mentoring Program

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The Tao of The Radiant Body Mentoring Program

My 1-year mentorship program that does a deep dive into every aspect of your health - mental, physical, spiritual

Total Value: $10,000

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What Makes
The Tao of The Radiant Body Unique

The Tao of The Radiant Body is my innermost circle. It is the closest you can get to working with me one-on-one. Most importantly, it is also the deepest work I do.

It’s where I bring everything (and I mean everything) that I’ve learned in my decade of training, and my experience with thousands of clients, to help serve your specific goals.

Small group
mentorship calls (with me) once every 2 weeks.

No fixed curriculum
like in Your Body, Your Temple. Instead, on every call you’ll get direct guidance and consultation on the challenges you are facing.

Private WhatsApp group
to maintain daily communication, foster connection, and get your questions answered right away.

Exclusive small group challenges
and in-person activities (24-hour fasts, low carb weeks, running 5k and 10k together, and more).

VIP access
to all my events.

Total Value: $10,000

Join My 1-Year Mentoring Program Now for Only $6,000

The Tao of the Radiant Body Program is a continuation of the Your Body, Your Temple Mentoring Program.

We’ll start together on June 14, 2024.

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