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The 5-Day Easy Fasting Challenge will help you kickstart your health journey as you take the first step towards slimming down in a way that lasts.

Through the science of intermittent fasting, you will learn how to build a consistent routine, easily eliminate pounds, and prime your body for long-term fat loss & health.

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Meet Your Coach

Ronan Diego is the creator of HoloBody: a holistic health transformation program that has already certified more than 3,000 coaches around the world—Ronan is passionate about helping people develop a healthy lifestyle that they love.

Through his signature method, his students can integrate the mind- body connection so strongly that people experience a permanent transformation in their health, their performance, and even their longevity

As Mindvalley’s most published author, his specialty is in designing optimal science-based protocols that create quantum leaps in human health and wellness.

Ronan has authored some of Mindvalley’s top-rated programs (like 10X Fitness and Beyond Fasting), and he is also a frequent speaker at international events like TEDx, Mindvalley U, A-Fest, and LifePlugin.

With this challenge, he hopes to encourage people to take the first step towards holistic health that lasts—one fast at a time.

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Daily Challenge Structure

Day 1: The science of fasting and how to get it started the right way
Delve into the science behind intermittent fasting and how it ignites fat-burning processes within the body to yield rapid results. Explore the mechanics of this habit in just a matter of days so you can create a path towards your desired physique.

Day 2: The dos and don’ts of fasting: expert tips to get results while making it easy
Learn to navigate hunger cues and conquer the urge to overeat with actionable strategies that work. Discover how to ride the wave of hunger, empowering yourself to make mindful choices that support your health journey without feeling deprived or restricted.

Day 3: The laws of consistency: how to turn fasting into an effortless lifestyle habit
Lay the foundation for a sustainable health routine. Explore personalized strategies to structure your day effectively, enabling you to effortlessly integrate healthy behaviors into your lifestyle and realize your wellness goals.

Day 4: Fasting for the mind: how to use fasting to create a healthier life
Embark on a journey of mental detoxification, learning how to declutter your mind and prioritize mental well-being. Explore the concept of fasting from distractions like social media and television, creating space for introspection and focusing on what truly matters for holistic health and fulfillment.

Day 5: The art and science of a healthy body
Dive into science-backed strategies for sustainable weight + fat loss and body recomposition. Explore the intersection of metabolism, nutrition, and behavioral psychology to empower yourself with the knowledge needed for lasting success.

I’m a 51-year-old man from Minnesota. I struggled with being 100 lbs
overweight for a decade. Intermittent Fasting + restricting calories +
mild exercise = 50 lbs as of this morning. 
Don’t give up.  Don’t give in. Don’t get upset. 
You and I are important people. Stay strong and stay healthy.


Kickstart Your Health Journey with the Power of Intermittent Fasting



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