Join Mindvalley’s Top Author, Renowned Coach and Author of HoloBody, Ronan Diego, for His Health Mentorship Program, Your Body, Your Temple:

Become the Healthiest You’ve Ever Been—Once and For All

Are you ready for your inside-out transformation? Finally, create the health you deserve and experience mind-body-soul coaching like no other.

What if you finally became the healthiest version of yourself that you always wanted…

And you made it last for life?

Imagine if you were finally eating right, moving right, and feeling right.

You would wake up every day excited to exercise. Excited to eat healthy. Excited to just be alive, because you feel so good on the inside and out.

Imagine being your best self. Constantly evolving, yet always at peace—no matter what challenges you face.

What would change for you? How would you feel?

Would you finally be able to go on that trip? Start that business? Maybe finally even meet the love of your life?

Here’s the truth: The key to lasting, holistic health doesn’t start on the outside.

We often think that once we have our ideal bodies, we can finally have our ideal lives.

Once we are skinny enough, or muscular enough, then we will feel the happiness we have always craved.

But we have it backward.

Lasting health, strength, and beauty are always the RESULT of becoming a more kind, compassionate, self-respecting person.

It’s when we SHIFT towards loving and accepting ourselves FIRST that we become the person who creates the body in the best shape possible.

When you start treating your body like a temple, that is how you become the healthiest version of yourself in every aspect: mind, body, and soul.

Tell me… Are you tired of being tired?

Of being in bad shape?

Maybe your body is constantly in pain. Or you’re always sick for no reason.

Maybe your weight has held you back from doing the things you love. Or you’re constantly stressed and anxious.

You dread going to the doctor. Because the results will say what you’ve wanted to avoid: Insulin resistance. Diabetes. Hypertension. Heart problems.

Your body is chronically inflamed. And you’re always exhausted even if you don’t do much with your day.

You’re even on a ton of medications—but they don’t seem to be fixing what’s really going on. You might even have addictions just to deal: alcohol, cigarettes, food.

You never want to admit it, but you’re terrified of dying before your time. And you’re scared of living in pain for the rest of your life.​

What’s worse is that it’s NOT from a lack of trying. You HAVE tried. A lot.

You’ve hired personal trainers. You’ve done the diets and all the crazy workouts.

But no matter what you do, you always go back to square one. Or worse. You fall off the wagon. Lose all your progress. Then it’s back to hating yourself more than before.

You feel hopeless. What’s the point of believing in yourself when you never really follow through on anything? Let me be clear: You are NOT hopeless. You are a powerful being who has everything inside of them to create their ultimate reality.

There is a PROVEN, scientific and spiritual path to having the body you’ve always wanted… and finally creating the health of your dreams.

Are you ready to finally become your healthiest self—from the inside-out? ​

Your Body, Your Temple Program

My 8-week holistic health mentorship program helps you TRANSFORM your health and body as you RESTART your eating, exercise, and mindset habits from the inside out.

From helping you lose weight permanently and heal metabolic disorders (like diabetes or hypertension) to creating long-term sustainable habits, this program is anchored on 5 main pillars: your body, your behaviors, your emotions, your self-awareness, and your community.

I’ll be helping you restore your health by transforming your relationship with food, exercise, and sense of identity. By helping you change and reprogram your mind FIRST, you close the gap between the person you are now and the healthy person you desire to be—permanently.

My students say that when they go through the program, not only do they lose weight and feel happier, but they feel safe about it: no fear of the rebound. No more fighting with their bodies and getting dragged by their impulses.

They let go of addictive behaviors and close chapters of their past. They change their thinking patterns and experience more inner peace.

They transform their health, feel like a whole new person, and as a result, they transform their lives. For good.

Ready to join them?

Meet Your Coach

Ronan Diego

As Mindvalley’s Top Author, Ronan Diego works closely today with some of the leading fitness experts in the world. But it wasn’t always this way: his own fitness journey got off to a rocky start.

During his childhood, Ronan experienced bullying about his skinny frame. When he first watched Conan the Barbarian, he aspired to be as big and as strong as him. What followed was a health journey full of ups and downs on the quest to bodybuilding: disordered eating, body dysmophoria, and exhausting his body.

Upon reaching this breaking point, Ronan realized he had to reclaim his health and do things differently. That’s when he decided to dive deep into the mechanics of health and fitness—to take a science- and spiritual-based approach to his overall wellbeing.

Through years of dedication and experimentation, Ronan not only transformed his body, but he truly cultivated a healthier relationship with his mind, body and spirit, all working together in harmony.

Today, through this programs and seminars, Ronan has certified more than 3,000 holistic health coaches; taught more than 250,000 students; and impacted more than 2 million individuals around the world to create extraordinary health on their own terms.

Passionate about holistic health that empowers every individual to live their best life, he hopes that with Your Body, Your Temple, anyone can start transforming their health—inside and out.

See People's Transformation


Milan Stancevic


Kris Konsap

Monique Schuldt


What Makes Your Body, Your Temple Program Unique

This program is based on The Wholeness Method: my signature framework that integrates the body, your behaviors, emotions, self-discovery, and a sense of belonging to a community.

There are multiple ways you will be supported over the 8-week program:

Weekly Challenges
announced every Friday on a different theme around holistic health & fitness.

Group mentoring calls
to dive deep into your challenges, questions, and wins.

Support video lessons
and workbooks to create a solid foundation on theory.

A supportive, thriving community
on WhatsApp on the same journey as you.

A Holobody-certified health coach
that works with you on your progress individually.

What You Will Learn in
Your Body, Your Temple

Explore the 8 Weeks of
Your Body, Your Temple

Say goodbye to the endless cycle of dieting and stressing over your weight. This program was designed to help you find harmony with your body and inner peace as you transform the way you approach your health and well-being.

Each week, we will dive into a new topic to empower you on your weight loss journey:

Throughout the program, you will have access to support videos and workbooks designed to teach you the science and techniques behind each topic. In live group mentorship calls with me, I will provide you with additional personalized support and guidance.

Lastly, you can connect with others on the same journey and share your experiences in a supportive and encouraging environment in the WhatsApp community.

Are you ready to take the first step towards a healthier, happier you?

What People Say About Ronan

Get $2,400 Worth of Bonuses When You Join Today

Bonus #1

Ultimate Healthy Eating Online Course Bundle:
This is a complete guide in video form teaching both the science and actionable steps to revolutionize your relationship with food. It includes the following online courses:
  • How to make intermittent fasting work for your lifestyle
  • Healthy Eating 101: what should I eat and avoid, how much, when, and why? This covers everything you need to know about healthy eating.
  • Letting go of sugar once and for all: the step-by-step process
  • Overcome emotional eating
  • Bonus classes on eating out, holidays, and special occasions
  • Recipes and tutorials.
  • Bonus #2

    Active Lifestyle & Exercise Enthusiast Bundle:
    Cultivate a joy-filled active lifestyle tailored to your preferences that you actually enjoy. It includes:
  • A video training on the best ways to use walking as a form of exercise
  • My full beginner-friendly strength training guide with video trainings teaching you the foundations, and a ready-to-use program that allows you to customize your exercise regimen to your schedule
  • A collection of exercise video tutorials to demonstrate each exercise you’re going to need
  • A fitness tracker review to help you choose the best one for you.
  • Bonus #3

    Gut Health Revolution Bundle:
    Unveil the key to overall health with my in-depth guide on healing gut inflammation. I offer you my whole protocol explained in a series of video classes to guide you in the process. Learn the foods that cause inflammation in your body and unlock the path to vitality.

    Bonus #4

    Deep Sleep Transformation Bundle:
    Master the art of restorative sleep and morning vitality. Learn my step-by-step strategies for deep, rejuvenating sleep and design a morning ritual that energizes your day. These are all carefully explained in video modules, extracted from my advanced online programs.

    Bonus #5

    Stress Management Toolkit Bundle:
    Equip yourself with powerful tools and strategies to achieve inner peace and align with nature’s rhythms. This includes online training with tools and actionable strategies for effective stress management and access to a series of calming meditations you can use to practice.

    Bonus #6

    Connection & Purpose Enlightenment Bundle:
    Discover the critical role of deep human connections and a sense of purpose in health and longevity. Learn from a collection of video classes on how to foster meaningful relationships and maintain a consistent healthy lifestyle by finding your purpose.

    Bonus #7

    Holistic Health Mastery Bundle:
    Learn the 7 Chronic Health Lifestyle Needs through a series of advanced video classes that help you dive into a transformative journey beyond diet and exercise. Learn how to bring body and mind together with actionable tools to implement new habits and develop a new mindset. This includes:
  • My masterclass Beyond Eating and Exercising: The Holistic Approach to Health
  • How to create permanent new habits and let go of bad ones – the protocol based on the latest behavior change science
  • A full collection of transformative guided self-reflection exercises that I call Body Talk: how to build a healthy mindset.

  • Bonus #8

    Custom 4-Week Plan For Weight Loss or Maintenance
    With this plan, I’ll be giving you tools and a checklist that works as a roadmap to your journey toward sustainable weight loss or maintenance at the healthier weight you desire.

    Total Value: $2,400

    Your Today: FREE

    You're Protected With the Unique Program Guarantee

    I know that $3,000 is a significant investment in yourself and your future. You might not be sure that this program will work or what makes it so different from the other things you may have tried in the past. That’s perfectly understandable.

    To prove that this will be the single best investment you can make for yourself and your potential, you’re eligible for the unique program guarantee as soon as you enroll.

    If there is no significant change in weight or quality of life after you take this program, you can do it again for free. This is how committed I am to seeing you succeed. Once you join today and get started with Your Body, Your Temple, the guarantee will automatically apply.

    What You Get If You Apply Today

    Total Value: $8,400

    Apply Today and If Selected, Get It For Only

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    Starts on September 23, 2024

    Apply for Your Body, Your Temple

    The Your Body, Your Temple Program is a buffet of things that can transform your health and the story of your life if you want to go far with me.

    There is something that I learned from a mentor that has been valuable to me: run with those who want to run, walk with those who want to walk. I want to run with you if you want to run too. That's why I'm doing this in-depth program.

    So I will be very clear with you: I am the one selecting the people who will participate in this program. It's not a matter of paying and joining. I want to run alongside whoever is willing to run with me. If you are still in the moment of “walking”; if it is not yet time for you to enter the mentorship and I accept you just because you paid, we will both be frustrated. You may regret having spent the money and we will both not be happy if you don't get the results that this program is capable of offering you.

    But if you are the right person for this program, then we win together. You will be happy in the end, your life will be different, we will continue working together, I will be able to tell your story to everyone, and more people will come for Your Body, Your Temple... It's a positive domino effect.

    There's one thing I learned from working with almost 200.000 students around the world (yes, that many!): some people are ready and want a deep transformation and others are not yet. I want to be closer to those who are ready and offer more to those who want more. That's what I want for you and for me.

    Do you feel like this is your moment? You'll probably feel excited or have butterflies in your stomach if this is for you.

    If this model for Your Body, Your Temple and the agreement above make sense for you, then please fill out the application and I'll wait for you on the other side!

    Much love,

    What People Say About
    Your Body, Your Temple Program

    Frequently Asked Questions

    This program works by giving theoretical and practical applications for eating healthy, exercising regularly, getting enough sleep consistently, and managing stress. Through daily video lessons, weekly group mentoring calls, and a supportive community, we will rebuild the habits and layers of your healthy identity so you can make sustainable lifestyle changes. If you can commit at least 5 hours each week, that should be enough to get the most out of this program.

    You will be expected to fully commit to your transformation by being in this program and to be a positive contributor to the community. I am not here to give you a quick fix. I am here to help you transform your identity from the inside out, so you can have the health you want, the body you want, and the life you want. 

    As a result, you’ll have more self-awareness, emotional intelligence, inner peace, and powerful habits and routines you can stick to that will really transform your life. But you must be ready to have an open mind and to question the beliefs you’ve had at this point. You must be willing to be transformed. Once you do, there are no limits to what you can achieve.

    Your Body, Your Temple is a unique weight loss program designed for those who are tired of struggling with weight issues and want to achieve harmony and inner peace with their bodies. Instead of focusing solely on physical weight loss, our program helps participants understand and transform their relationship with food and their bodies, leading to sustainable lifestyle changes and long-lasting wellness. 

    This program is ideal for individuals who have tried numerous weight loss programs without success, feel disconnected from their bodies, worry constantly about weight and health, or simply want a long-term solution for weight loss. Whether you’re in bad shape, find it difficult to stick to strict diets or intense workout plans, or simply want to find peace with your body, this program is for you. 

    My program focuses on achieving inner peace and harmony with your body, eliminating worries about weight and health, and providing long-lasting results without the need for strict diets. Through a combination of coaching, support, and resources, participants will transform their relationship with food and body, make sustainable lifestyle changes, and envision a healthier future for themselves. 

    Yes, I offer a unique guarantee for Your Body, Your Temple. If there are no significant changes in your weight or quality of life by the end of the program, you can do it again for free.

    If you have any questions or need assistance with the program, my coaches and the community members are here to support you throughout your journey. Whether you need guidance on implementing the program, staying motivated, or overcoming challenges, we are here to help you every step of the way.

    What You Get If You Apply Today

    Total Value: $8,400

    Apply Today and If Selected, Get It For Only

    One Payment of $3,000 or 3 Payments of $1,399

    Starts on September 23, 2024

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